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“I have an Acrobat Reader on my computer but I still can’t open one of your catalogues?”



The catalogues on this site require Acrobat Reader 6 or above. You can check your version of Acrobat Reader by opening it and choosing ‘Help’ and then ‘About’ from the menu. If your version is less than 6, you’ll need to update it to a newer version to view the catalogues.





“I only see blank space where the document’s contents should appear.”



Documents are displayed in a Flash-Based reader. If you can’t see the reader, you may need to install or upgrade the Flash plug-in for your browser. You can download and install the Flash player for free at https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. If you’re  sure the Adobe Flash Player is already installed on your computer, it may not be configured to allow our document reader to store any local data. The reader needs to be able to store a small amount of data on your computer – less than 100 kilobytes – in order to display documents. You can change this setting using Adobe’s Settings Manager:



  • Click the “globe & folder” icon to open the Global Storage Settings tab.


  • Make sure “allow third-party Flash content to store data on you computer” is checked.


  • Click the folder icon to open the Website Storage Settings tab.


  • Locate the entries for both s3.amazonaws.com and scribd.com (or d.scribd.com) For each of these:


  • Click on the entry to highlight itt.


  • Move the slider until it says 100k.






“I can’t read a catalogue that I’ve previously downloaded from your site.”




Catalogues use Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To view and print documents in portable document format (PDF) you need to have an up to date Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.


This software is free from the Adobe Acrobat Website at:


Adobe Acrobat Reader (all versions)


Or there are alternative readers you can use such as:




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