FAQ's: How to use our transfers

How to use our transfers




“How do I apply classic transfers?”




Comprehensive application instructions are always supplied with each order, together with a scrap waterslide transfer or piece of vinyl for test purposes.

4 Figure ref. nos. only – Waterslide Type
4 Figure ref. nos. suffixed by LC – Vinyl Graphics Best quality, 2 thou material
V – Varnish Fix (very few items0 duplex paper no longer available
R.L.H. –  Right and Left Hand Pair

Adam, instructions could go in here




“Can I overspray your transfers?”



Yes, but we always include overcoating instructions with the transfers which we suggest yo read before


you commence.

Yes, but it depends on what you use. Clear cellulose is a complete no, it causes vinyl graphics to shrink and waterslides to crinkle. Oil based (white spirit) paints and varnishes are suitable for all types. Two pack clear coat is suitable for vinyls but care needs to be taken with waterslides. The trick is to give the job an initial flash or light mist coat with no thinners added. When this has set off follow with full gloss coat.

Adam, Overcoating instructions could be here



All transfers need to be protected from petrol spills.




We are receiving reports that due to the increased amount of ethanol being added to petrol that glass fibre tanks are being ruined and two pack paint finishes are now being attacked, spoiling expensive tank finishing jobs.


This is a new problem amd solutions have yet to be announced.  The only advice we can give at this stage is: DO NOT spill fuel on the outside of your tank and make absolutely sure that there is no leakage from petrol caps, taps and pipe joints etc.


Watch the historic vehicle press for further updates. It affects all of us, not just motorcycles but stationary engines, cars and commercial vehicles that run on petrol.


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