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Latest News

White C Numbers for Military Motorcycles – Now Available

We are now supplying the C Numbers which featured on military motorcycles during the second world ward. These C numbers are approx. 1.5″ deep. We can personalise and pre-space your motorcycle’s own C number so that you can apply the transfer in one hit.

For those who prefer to paint their numbers on, we can also now supply a Low Tack Stencil Paint Mask. These are not reusable so if you wish to paint the numbers onto both sides of the tank, please purchase two sets.

James Tank Badges

James Tank Badges – Now Available

Our domed James Tank Badges are inset into the rubber discs, screw holes pre drilled and ready to screw directly onto your tank. (Screws not supplied). They have a plain aluminium domed spacer between the badge and rubber which gives
added strength and ensure that the front of the badge is flush with the face of the rubber.

These are 2.375 inch dia with hole centres at 2.0625 inch.

We have endeavoured to make these as near to the original design as
practically possible. The originals were injection moulded with the back of
the badge in relief with the colours applied as a secondary process.

To produce these today in the same manner would be prohibitively expensive with regard to tooling and reverse printing costs. The originals being plastic tended to crack in the vicinity of the holes if the fixing screws were overtightened. 

Exciting Changes Coming Soon…

This year especially, we have noticed a rise in orders from all across the world, coming from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, The USA, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, Europe and so many more. 

We recognise that our current ordering system via using our form is not the most quick and efficient. Therefore, we are developing a brand new online store on our website, with over 4000 different items which you can simply add to cart and purchase once you’ve followed the easy steps to create your account. In future, when you order again, you will only need to log in again to place orders and enter your card information. We will save your address and contact details and you will be able to see your previous order history. – 1st August 2018: Adam Wilson

Dellorto Air Filter Transfer Added

We have just added this Dellorto transfer plus the SF. 1/2 version too – Dellorto 8673LC.

MV Agusta Transfer Added

This Liberty Tank top transfer is now available for only £5.00 each – MV Agusta 8672LC.

Alcyon Transfer Added

We have just added this gold transfer for Alcyon motorcycles to our vast stocks. Purchase this here.

Lambretta Flag Added

We are now supplying this Vinyl Transfer flag for Lambretta Grand Prix 200 models.

Husqvarna Range Added

We are now supplying vinyl transfers for Husqvarna motorcycles. You can view these transfers and purchase them by clicking here.

Kawasaki Range Added

We are now supplying vinyl transfers for Kawasaki motorcycles. You can view these transfers and purchase them by clicking here.

NEW: Shell Sponsors Transfer

We are now supplying this Shell transfer in multiple sizes.

Shell 150x150mm – £8.00

Dellorto Range Extended

We have now updated the illustrations of our Dellorto range to include more transfers – See here.

NEW: Betor Transfer

We are now supplying this and two other Betor transfers – 45x32mm.

Betor BE2 – £4.50 each

NEW: Douglas Vespa Transfer

This new transfer features on a Douglas-Vespa Scooter and is now available to purchase.

Douglas-Vespa 8996LC 55x55mm £4.00 each