Registration Letters & Numerals

Component Parts for Registration Plates (V5 not required)

Letters and numbers are waterslide type for ease and exact positioning on your number plate. Finish off with a coat of varnish or two pack over the whole number plate. Two sizes are available, 1¾” deep for front plates and 2½” deep for rear, all priced at 85p per character. A set of three curly hyphens, pre-war style, is also available for 85p extra.

Registration Numbers and letter transfers for motorbike restorations

Our registration letters and numerals are produced from hand drawn artwork in a pre ’65 period style and do not conform to any modern computer generated type face. Instructions are provided which include dimensions for spacings and edging distances.

These registration letters and numerals are now also available as a vinyl graphic at £1.00 per character, and we can pre-space the digits on rear number plates so they can be applied in one hit for £10.00 in total.

Car Registration Plates

We have introduced 3″ and 3½” white letters for 3 wheelers and cars, preset in one or two rows for £12.00 per plate. As an alternative, for the same price, we can offer a low tack paint mask stencil so your number can be painted to perfection. Postage and packaging on preset car plates and low tack stencil mask are £4.50-£6.50 per order.

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