How To Remove Waterslide Transfers

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove our Waterslide Transfers/Decals from a Motorcycle Tank or surface.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please note that if you have lacquered over the transfer then this method will not work. You will need to sand the tank/surface down and repaint.

1. Soak a Sponge or Tissue in warm tap water.

2. Now press the Sponge/Tissue up against the transfer and allow to soak for at least ten minutes. Some older transfers may need to soak for hours potentially. Keep adding soapy water.

3. Hopefully after 10 minutes or so, th soapy water would have started to soften the gum and allow the varnish layer to start to peel off (if not, soak for longer). We now recommend using a squeegee to carefully scrape away some of the varnish layer rather than trying to pick it at with your nail which could damage the paintwork.

4. The next step is to soak, scrape and repeat. Wrap the tissue over your finger and carefully scrape away at the design. Keep soaking the transfer and with a bit of patience, you’ll be able to get the transfer off without scratching the paintwork.

5. Clean the surface thoroughly and make sure there is no specks of the design left on the tank.